Doubts, Reassurance, Shouts & Whispers

“So, Sabbath.” That’s what a friend said when I sat down at the table with him before our leadership meeting last night. He had read the epiphany I posted on yesterday’s blog. We talked about the topic and my experience of landing on it and what this all might look like. But the comment that stood out was when he said, “Sabbath is so countercultural.”

Bob didn’t mean it to be an intimidating statement, but it was. I immediately thought, “Am I prepared to confront the consumer-driven convenience-based mentality……that dwells in the culture, the church and in ME?” That’s what I’ve sat with the last couple days as I have read articles, continue to compile my book list and fiddle with outlines.

As I scan library catalogs and amazon I’m struck with how many great resources have already been written on the topic. This seems to have awakened the monster of doubt who occasionally bullies me with shouts of, “Who do you think you are?” and “What could you possibly have to offer?”

You’ve heard that voice, haven’t you: The one who tries to pop your balloon, rain on your parade, take the wind out of your sails? For the record – that is not the voice of God. God has been reassuring me and calling me forward…silencing the shouts of the other. One of the things God used this morning is found here, on Joey O’Connor’s blog.

I’m not sure what future God is calling you into but my prayer is that we will be attentive to divine possibilities and not succumb to the shouts of the accuser or pessimist inside us.