Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a relationship organized around prayer and conversation aimed toward deepening intimacy with God. It is anchored in scripture and has a deep heritage in the Christian faith.

A few things spiritual direction is not, taken from Sacred Companions, by David G. Benner:
It is not new even though you may be unfamiliar with it. Throughout scripture and church history we see sacred friendship as a means of spiritual transformation.
It is not authoritarian. Spiritual direction does not place an intermediary between the individual and God. The word “direction” may give the impression that one person is placed above the other, the true director is the Holy Spirit.
It is not counseling. While they share similarities of appointments, professional relationship, and payment they differ in focus. Counseling is usually problem based. For example, “Help me deal with the issues I have in my marriage.” Spiritual direction focuses on our experience of God in the midst of our lives.
It is not a substitute for corporate worship. Spiritual direction is just one avenue that God uses to shape us.

Who would seek spiritual direction?
– Anyone who has a desire to draw closer to God
– Someone who may feel like they are stuck or stagnant in their spiritual growth process
– Pastors and leaders who need a safe place to process the highs and lows of ministry
– Individuals who are going through transition or experiencing grief

A spiritual director is a companion on the journey of growing in intimacy with God. She/he gives witness to the activity of God in your life and encourages you to respond to His love.


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