Real Transformation Requires A Big Step

We need to come to the point to honestly say, “I am powerless over this habit, compulsion, practice and I need help.”

That’s a tough thing to admit. We’ve been brought up to be independant. In our culture it is one of the marks of adulthood. So to confess we can’t handle something equates to failure. For many asking for help is an admission of being less than they should be and therefore we muddle along in denial, disfunction, and defeat. 

And it’s not just other people we have a hard time asking for help. The sea of American Individualism that we swim in seeps into our understanding and relationship with God. We even resist asking Him for help.  

Do we actually think He’s too busy?
Do we believe He is uncaring?

No, I think many of us…myself included have this idea that whether it’s a physical, emotional, relational or even spiritual challenge, we should be able to handle it ourselves.

Let me assure you:
– God does not grow weary of hearing for us ask for help. 
– He never takes a posture of crossed to say, “You should be beyond this by now.”
– God never says, “I give up on you.” 
– He doesn’t tap his foot in impatience when he thinks of you. 

God wants to be included…no, He wants to be the source and sustaining power in your transformation. 

So let me also assure you:
– God loves to hear our pleas for help.
– He always takes a posture of open arms to say, “Welcome child.”
– God is always cheer, “You can do this.”
– He dances in celebration as you walk with him.

This is good news…you can do it! But the irony is you can because you’ve finally realized you can’t.

I mentioned AA in my last post. It would be good to read their 12 steps no matter what your situation.


One thought on “Real Transformation Requires A Big Step

  1. Amen! Great post. Reading my alanon Devi everyday this is a good reminder of God’s true nature, not the negative perspective. He’s the one that transforms. We just need to come to him in our weakness. #learningthatlessonthehardway

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