Blog Update and Reboot

It has been 10 months and 2 days since I posted. I’ve been writing just not posting. Here’s a brief update of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. In October I said farewell to the good people at Williams Lake. I had the privilege of serving there for three years. In November I started a new ministry position in Indianapolis. Since Ally was in her senior year that meant I would commute Sunday through Wednesday night in Indy, Thursday through Saturday in Flushing. The graciousness of my new colleagues and the mild winter made this much easier than you’d imagine.

After completing the spring semester at George Fox, I met Zack, Tyler, and Lisa (unfortunately Ally had a softball tournament and was unable to join us) at my best friend Krista’s house to celebrate my 50th birthday. Her unbelievable gift of hospitality, great food, warm weather and outdoor fun made it the best birthday I’ve ever had.

In June Ally graduated from Flushing High School. We were all together and her brothers got to see her play softball for the first time in four years. I don’t know if she was just being a good sister or if she wanted to punctuate what they had missed but she hit a homerun in her final game, clearing not only the fence but also the scoreboard at Clio High School. Also in June I moved to Indianapolis full-time. It was quite surreal to climb in the Uhaul and drive out of Flushing, the town that had been my home for the last 15 years.

Visits by Krista, Ally, and friends, speaking at Water’s Edge senior high camp, settling into a new neighborhood, and taking in a couple Dave Matthews concerts…has made the summer fly by.

Next week I’m going to do some backpacking and then it will be time to ramp up for the fall. I do have a confession. I mentioned in the opening paragraph that I had been writing but not posting. It wasn’t just from busyness. I have been battling the negative voices inside my head. Critics – whether past or present, real or imagined, internal or external had caused all things creative to stall. I’ve come to realize that what I identified as writers block is often anchored in fear. Through some tools and resources like The Artist’s Way and this article, I have been able to slowly find my way back on track.

I look forward to many more “mindful steps of spiritual discovery and divine surprises” in the months ahead.