Holding An Acorn but Wanting An Oak

I have a number of symbolic tokens and trinkets around my house; stones, photos, links of rope, etc. This acorn is one of my favorites. It sits on the edge of my mantle and I look at it multiple times a day.  It was given to me by my very best friend. There weren’t many words exchanged when she handed it to me but in that gesture I understood, “Let this be a reminder that all good things, all worthy pursuits and everything that stands strong in the long run starts small and takes a long time.” That is a beautiful, poetic and true statement…its just not fun to live out.

Whether it is your educational track, your vocational journey, your life of faith or your love relationship – waiting stinks. And currently I feel like I’ve hit the grand slam of waiting. I’m waiting in all four areas above. I was talking to someone about this the other day and he asked the question, “So are you just marking time until you can move away?” [BTW ‘marking time’ is a military term for mindlessly marching in place] He didn’t say it in a condemning way so it made me think…Am I…I could be…that’s one way to wait…that’s the temptation isn’t it?

But I really don’t want to wait that way, do you? Life is happening all around us. Opportunities are knocking on our doors. The gift of today has been giving to us so we can grow, learn, get healthier, heal, prepare, become and mature. When ‘someday’ comes I want to be at my best and ready, don’t you?

I don’t have an prescription for us to follow. We’re still holding an acorn and wanting an oak. But maybe that image will help us to remember there is a lot of dirt, rain, sun, wind, storms, pressure and time before one becomes the other. Maybe the one thing I would suggest would be to go out today and find something to put on your mantle that symbolizes that.


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