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I read this on Donald Miller’s blog this week:

  • “What if your own life was so engaging that entertainment seemed boring? I mean what if you were involved in projects that so captivated you that turning on the television would be a distraction from your real life? Can you imagine such a possibility?”

Writing books has been a long time dream for me. More specifically (and even more honestly) books that open doors to speaking engagements which in turn sell more books.

I know there are countless authors with more skill, intelligence and connections. I know there are over a million books submitted each year. I know it is very difficult to make a living as a writer. Yet in spite of those realities, the dream never goes away. In my nearly 49 years on earth I think I’ve only gotten a few peeks at that possibility becoming a reality. But this week it was like God started to pull back the curtains on an issue I am passionate about and bring focus to a project that moves me.


I believe the need for a 24 hour period of rest is hard wired into us. It is not a Jewish thing. It is a human thing. No matter your faith, belief system or philosophy you were created in the image of a God who rested. “But I enjoy what I do.” I’m pretty sure God enjoyed creating – but He rested. “But things need to get done that only I can accomplish.” I’m pretty sure God was aware of the list of things only He could do – but He rested. “But I don’t have time to.” I’m pretty sure God established this unit of time to establish rhythm for our life.

This is not an appeal to attend church regularly. Nor is it an admonishment to carve out some ‘me time.’ This is about connecting with the Divine in a way that makes me; more human, more healthy, more fulfilled, more peaceful and more whole. This is about the observance and remembrance of Sabbath, which has been overlooked and forgotten for far too long.

So mark it down. Today, March 23 2011, you read my blog declaring I am captivated by such a notion and I give myself to this project. Ask me about it whenever you see me. Email me and hold me accountable. Pray for me when God brings me to mind.


6 thoughts on “Life, Projects, Adventure

  1. Great Quote! But I thought Donald Miller was 35, not 49. Maybe he was quoting someone else. Strangely, or not so, I have had the same experience with TV. I had it completely shut off for two weeks and my spirit was at peace. The presence of God was more real than ever. But the Japan and Libya stories has me connected to the current news cycle. I have noticed how my experience of peace and communion with God has been affected. I had not thought that my life was so exciting that TV was a downer, but this quote on the blog has me thinking. Am I really engaged with the living God to the point that the rest of the world is “boring?” thanks
    Marv g.

    • Only the quote in bold italics was his. Unfortunately I’m the one nearly 49. Strange what news can do to us, isn’t it?

  2. Writing is also a passion of mine so I understand your desire to put words to paper (or screen). I just wrote something about a place of sabbath…a dream of mine. Prayers will be said for you and your endeavor. May God bless you and may your words bless others.

  3. Great thought and you are to be commended for tackling a project like this…The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan was a seminal work in helping me with a sermon series in preparation for sabbatical. Let me know if you want to borrow my copy. Peace!

    • Thanks David. I’ve been working on a resource list and that book was on it. I’d love to borrow your copy. I’ll be in touch. Thanks again.

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