Red Sea or Jordan River?

There are two stories that come to mind in connection with the Exodus…or the epic journey God led the people of Israel on from Egypt to the Promised Land and from slavery to freedom.

Early on, God’s people were being pursued by the Egyptian army, they came to the Red Sea. They appeared to be trapped. An angry mob behind them and a valley filled with water in front of them. What would they do? How would they escape their captors? How would they survive? Exodus 14 says Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, the Lord drove the sea back and the Israelites walked through on dry ground. God showed them the way and they just had to walk.

Forty years later the people come to another body of water, the Jordan River. However this time their enemies aren’t chasing them. Behind them…on one side of the river were forty years of learning, rebellion, miracles, foolishness, and wandering. Ahead of them…across the river laid their future which would require risk, faith, determination, and obedience. But this time God didn’t open the water in front of them. The Bible says the river was at flood stage and Joshua instructed the leaders, “When you reach the edge of the Jordan’s waters, go and stand in the river.” God wasn’t going to do anything until they stepped out into the water. As crazy as that sounds – they did it. And as soon as they did it God made a way for them.

I’ve had a few Red Sea moments. I’ve been in places of need and decision and at exactly the right time God seemed to open the doors before my very eyes, clearly showing me what to do and where to go. I love those moments.

I’ve had one Jordan River moment. I was so convinced of what I thought God wanted me to do I quit my job, moved my family, and lived by faith. Things really started happening when I stepped out into the water, so to speak. I loved that moment too.

The thing is…I’m not sure which moment I’m facing now. I know I’m between here and there, past and future, what was and what will be. Do I wait for the sea to split or do I step out? (I don’t expect you to answer that for me. I know you can’t. Sometimes I think better when I type.)



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