Prayer and Leadership

For my last installment on prayer, I want to share a quote our professor used in class.

  • “If God were a city, prayer would be ways into the city. Some would be freeways, others boulevards. There would be avenues, alleys, sidewalks, train tracks, bike paths, and even winding dirt trails. All of these obviously participate in ‘roadness,’ yet by merely looking, one might see very little likeness between a freeway and a hiking trail…looking closely at prayer, I see God has provided many means for us to approach him.” Julie L. Hooper

This quote made me think of the people I meet with each week for coffee, mentoring, collaboration, and discipleship. It made me wonder about the questions we tend to ask (or feel like we’re suppose to ask) in those settings; “Have you prayed about it? How often are you praying? Do you think you’re praying enough?” I’m not sure those are the best questions. They deal solely with quantity and who of us couldn’t pray more?

I don’t think my role as a friend or a leader is just measure other people’s prayer life. It’s not helpful. In light of Hooper’s analogy, I think my responsibility as a leader is to help people find their road. Questions like; “How are you praying about this? Who is walking with you in this? Where do you sense you’re closest to God…do you pray there?” Sometimes our prayer life just needs a change in location or posture or emphasis to get jump started again.

I have a long way to go in becoming a prayer-full person. Thanks for reading my rants, joining the conversation and not trying to fix me. For much more help and insight on prayer I suggest Richard Foster’s book, Prayer.




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