Without Ceasing…Seriously?

Many people can quote the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept.” But did you know there is a tie for the shortest verse in the Bible? It is in Paul’s first letter to the people who lived in Thessalonica, “Pray continuously.” At first glance that seems impractical at best and impossible at worst.

I once heard a teacher unpack the word ‘continuously.’ He said that it didn’t mean walk around with eyes closed praying one ongoing run-on sentence to God. My friend said it was more in the line of a continuous cough or a cough that won’t quit. I’m currently very familiar with that analogy and I know it doesn’t mean one ongoing cooooooouuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh. No, it means your body is aware of the over abundance of phlegm and mucus and you react over and over as the need arises.

So to pray continuously would be to live in tune with your needs & gratitude and God’s nearness & provision, reacting every time a need arises each and every day.

While every change begins with decision, I don’t think you just flip a mental switch and start. For those of us who have lived most of our life handling things on our own or avoiding conversations with God praying without ceasing will take some practice. The good news is anyone is capable of learning to do this. The best news is that God desires this ongoing dialogue with us and will help us grow into it.




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