Reflection 2: Self Preservation?

As I continue to think about my visit to Sanctuary I’m still wondering about the question I asked yesterday, “What if THE Church looked like this?” I quickly realize, if it did, my skill set may not be necessary.

The pastors in middle class America who are sought and valued can; speak with the conviction of Billy Graham, motivate like Vince Lombardy, resolve conflict like a professional arbitrator, lead meetings like Jack Welch, articulate mission and vision like John Maxwell, all the while demonstrating the compassion of Mother Theresa. I’m not saying that’s right or even possible. It just seems to be what search committees and review boards often evaluate.

In my experience with church, most of our energy and attention goes into a weekly event that lasts less than 90 minutes. Most of our money goes to support a physical plant to house the main event. Therefore, the preaching must be eloquent and the music inspiring enough to bring the masses in. But you still can’t justify such an ediface for an hour and a half a week no matter how “good” it is, so you have to think of other reasons to get people to use the building.

So here’s the million dollar question,

  • “How much does self presevation play into the way 21st Century Americans do church?”

And here’s a couple thousand dollar questions,

  • “Is it possible that what started out as good and necessary has now evolved into something that merely validates our gifts and existence?”
  • “Have we created an organization to perpetuate rather than being the hands and feet of Jesus?”

I don’t know but I think it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.



2 thoughts on “Reflection 2: Self Preservation?

  1. Awesome. Thought provoking. Sanctuary is on the path that Jesus desired. He desires that we reach out to those who do not know him and those who know him but have lost their way. How can we reach them if they aren’t invited into an enviroment where they feel excepted and cared about.

  2. Thank for the great questions! Why do we do what we do as a church? Whenever an institution exists for itself, then it has lost its vision and is in danger of becoming obsolite. The church exists for the people who are not yet apart of it. We must keep that in mind…
    Marv g.

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