Campfire Questions Answered

It took me more than I thought to think about my last post’s closing questions, but here goes.

When do I tend to circle the wagons? How do I position my life, steer conversations, and use silence to cut off people who don’t agree with me? Who am I subtly but intentionally keeping away from the fire?

‘Circling the Wagons’ is essentially about ceasing to communicate and I’ve faced the fact I do…and unfortunately have learned to do it quite well. My key technique is to keep conversations on the surface. I do that because I know we don’t agree about ideas and beliefs that are important to each of us. This position may be convenient but it comes from a place that values information more than people. I’m basically saying, “I don’t want to invest the energy in you because I’m not going to convince you of anything.”

  • That needs to change.


As I’ve thought about this since my last post I’ve also faced the fact that I don’t do this with everyone. I don’t do circle the wagons with people who disagree with me about the biggest issue to me: Jesus. I do not fear their questions or opinions or any scoffing they may bring to the conversation because I believe in an invisible God, who impregnated a girl, that had a son, that never sinned, who grew up to walk on water, heal diseases, and raised from the dead. I welcome their perspective. I love the discussion.

  • That needs to stay the same.


I most often circle the wagons when it comes to the insiders, the people already at the campfire, and those who think I’m at the wrong one. I circle the wagons with people who argue about versions of the Bible. I circle the wagons with people who are certain about everything. I circle the wagons when it comes to folks who live by bumper sticker theology. I avoid people who casually throw the word “heretic” around.

  • That needs to change.


This little exercise has revealed that I can be just as judgmental and ungracious as the people I rail against. It has also reminded me God doesn’t need my protection.


Random: I wonder if anybody has ever built a sanctuary with a fire pit in the middle.




3 thoughts on “Campfire Questions Answered

    • wow…I just read your post. Not loving is not loving no matter who its directed toward isn’t it? Good thing we only see each other a couple times a year and 2,500 miles from here.

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