I mentioned in my last post that I’m experiencing a renewed sense of calling. My first semester at George Fox had a lot to do with that and one of our final assignments really brought things into focus. We had to work through exercises in The Path, by Laurie Beth Jones, to create our personal mission and vision statement. (I would recommend this book and these activities to anyone seeking to clarify their purpose. It may not nail everything down but it will definitely point you in the right direction.)

After working through the pages prayerfully, here’s what I came up with:

  • My mission is to model, communicate, and write about the absolute necessity of living an incarnational lifestyle for personal and communal health.

Confession: I violated Jones’ rule that a twelve year old should be able to understand it. I used the word “incarnational,” but I cannot change it. I will not change it. It communicates too much. It articulates the scandal of Christianity…and I’m not referring to the crusades, moral failures or fallen leaders.

The scandal of Christianity is that God became incarnate, He became one of us. The fullness of the mysterious – powerful – invisible God was wrapped up in, and demonstrated through a man. You wonder what God thinks about pride, self-righteousness, love, and forgiveness? Look at Jesus. You wonder how God feels about the poor, oppressed, lonely and marginalized? Look at Jesus.

The incarnational scandal doesn’t end there, it goes further. That same man claimed He would dwell in those who follow Him so fully that he would continue to be incarnate…contextualized in every era, every language, every culture and on every continent.

That’s why I can’t let go of the word. We settle for less too often.

I’ll unpack more of it next post.


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