Time to Begin Again

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus since school began last fall. I have spent most of my energies on learning to learn again. But now with a semester under my belt and a renewed sense of calling it is time to begin again.

This is one of my favorite photos. My friend Rick took it on a backpacking trip two and half years ago. I call it The Pilgrim Walk. For me it captures the strain and beauty, the activity and reflection, the simplicity and complexity, the solitude and community…….of LIFE.

As I type this in my coffice I have an overwhelming sense that this year is going to be better. This year is going to be good. You may have read that on a dozen blogs already this week but I’ll tell you a secret. I haven’t entertained that thought let alone uttered the phrase since 2006.

If you’re human you go through those seasons and experiences when you’re head is down and all you can do is take another step. It’s not fun. It’s difficult. But you press on. Words may be few. Friends may be silent. But the pilgrim walks on…praying for a glimpse of something beautiful…something hopeful. As you journey on you learn many of the most beautiful vistas come after you traverse treacherous terrain.

LIFE is a beautiful tangled mess of paradoxes.


2 thoughts on “Time to Begin Again

  1. Darrell, it is good to see your keyboard again, you have been missed! What comes through to me is your faith in a God that is faithful, especially “after you traverse treacherous terrain.” Some of your friends may been ‘silent’ but not silient in prayer for you. I am looking forward to your future writings.
    Marv g.

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