Where’d the Summer Go?

On my morning motorcycle ride the winding roads passed between hills filled with trees painted in the colors of autumn. I stopped in a coffee shop in Oakland, MD enjoying an Americano and couldn’t help but reflect on what an incredible summer I’ve had.

  • I have visited friends in Kentucky, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia; enjoying hours of talking, laughing, and eating.
  • I have enjoyed the best parts of my calling performing a wedding in the southwest, speaking to students in the mid-west, and facilitating leadership weekends in the southeast.
  • I went on a mission trip to Kiev, Ukraine.
  • I saw my favorite band twice. Once with good friends and the other time with two of my kids.
  • I took a road trip with my daughter.
  • I started a new pilgrimage heading toward a master’s degree with 20 new friends in Portland, OR.
  • I went on my first motorcycle trip in five years.
  • Tonight I conclude a renewal week at my nephew’s church in West Virginia.
  • And there have been many rich moments of kairos between the trips and adventures.

This morning I am overwhelmed with how extremely blessed I am.


2 thoughts on “Where’d the Summer Go?

  1. You’ve had a good summer! Needless to say, summer is still here for the next year for me and I’ll send some your way 🙂

    I enjoy reading your blogs and they give me motivation and what not (jet lag is keeping the right word from coming to mind). Keep on writing!

  2. Darrel..I enjoy reading your blogs and keeping an eye on you since you were in my Junior Church group (Rev. Milner’s era)…at Christmas time we were setting around a little table (knee high) and each kid shared what they wanted for Christmas, your response was Football gear, shoulder pads and whatever. So, I asked “What will you do if you don’t get that?” You said “Pout”…. Never knew if you ended up playing football….but I can tell you’re sure NOT pouting. Judy

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