Where’d the Summer Go?

On my morning motorcycle ride the winding roads passed between hills filled with trees painted in the colors of autumn. I stopped in a coffee shop in Oakland, MD enjoying an Americano and couldn’t help but reflect on what an incredible summer I’ve had.

  • I have visited friends in Kentucky, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia; enjoying hours of talking, laughing, and eating.
  • I have enjoyed the best parts of my calling performing a wedding in the southwest, speaking to students in the mid-west, and facilitating leadership weekends in the southeast.
  • I went on a mission trip to Kiev, Ukraine.
  • I saw my favorite band twice. Once with good friends and the other time with two of my kids.
  • I took a road trip with my daughter.
  • I started a new pilgrimage heading toward a master’s degree with 20 new friends in Portland, OR.
  • I went on my first motorcycle trip in five years.
  • Tonight I conclude a renewal week at my nephew’s church in West Virginia.
  • And there have been many rich moments of kairos between the trips and adventures.

This morning I am overwhelmed with how extremely blessed I am.