Living a Big Story

I love visiting my friends in Indianapolis. Many of them live large compelling stories. I was reminded of that again Tuesday night. I attended a fundraiser for a new business/ministry venture for someone I met a couple years ago through Common Ground church’s training school.

Andrea owns Sophia’s Bridal in Indianapolis.  God ambushed her heart and birthed a vision to do something about the human trafficking crisis in SE Asia. She and her team have established a partnership, with the help of Center for Global Impact, to redeem girls (10 at a time) out of the flesh trade, house them, feed them, disciple them, and train them to as professional seamstresses.

In Cambodia, as in other parts of the world, poverty stricken families sell their daughters virginity when they are between eight and 12 years old. In that context the girls are sold for $500, of which the family gets $300. They then go to a hotel for a week to service the buyer. Somehow they try to put that horrific experience in a box in their head and go back home…at least until the next time. Sometimes they are sold as more traditional slaves and are take across whichever borders their owner decides.

For more of the particulars, including how you can participate please visit Dre’s blog at

I left the church the other night pondering why some people step into such a BIG story and others are so content not to. Larry and I talked about it on the porch that night. We didn’t come up with any answers but wonder if its about space.

  • Do we make enough space for God to move us like that?
  • Do we allow God to move about in our areas of vocation, passion, and heart enough for him to help us dream?
  • Do we compartmentalize our inner space, keeping our ‘spiritual life’ separate and not seen as just our ‘life’?

I still don’t have an answer but I think you have to be around big story people to live one. My experience Tuesday night has compelled me not to settle for anything less than a big story. That’s part of the reason I’m in Portland, OR this weekend. I’m attending orientation at George Fox Seminary. I believe this is an important step in whatever story I find myself in in the future.


One thought on “Living a Big Story

  1. Great post.

    Love your question here. “Do we make enough room for God to liv eout big stories in our lives”.

    Some say I have a “big story”, but everyday I wonder if I am giving God enough room to be God and live out the remainder of the big story He has for my life.

    There are times I think it was easier to live the terrible parts of my story then it is to move forward, trusting God to take my story where He wants it to go.

    Thanks a ton for your post here Darryl. It is very encouraging. My God bless you as you step out in your story.


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