Giving up my drug of choice

Yesterday was a big day for me. I cancelled my cable and internet…not to switch to the dish network or DSL or dial up. I cancelled it.

This might not be a big deal to you but it is for me. I am a child of the 60’s…not in the hippy sense, I was too young for that. Rather, I was a kid who grew up in the heyday of television and I loved it. I wasn’t a total couch potato. I played ball, climbed trees, ran around outside, and built plenty of forts but when I came home my friends Gilligan, Bugs, and Uncle Jed were there to greet me.

It didn’t matter that it was in black and white. It didn’t matter that you had to get up to change the channel, of which there were only three. It didn’t matter that the entire family had to agree on which program to watch (dad breaking all ties).

Theme songs and commercial jingles became the soundtrack to many of our lives.

Almost two years ago I moved into a condo and had to adjust to being single for the very first time. My first major purchase was a tv. I realize now it was more for noise than entertainment. It would help me believe that I wasn’t alone. The soft blue glow and the dull roar kept me company. That’s pretty sad to admit, isn’t it? Even bordering on pathetic, but it’s true.

In difficult times people find ways to medicate their pain. I chose to retreat into other worlds that lasted 30-60 minutes in order to escape or distract me from my reality. This week I decided it was time to let go, give up my drug cold turkey.

I’ve grumbled to myself about how little I’ve written lately…how I’m off the pace of my reading goal for the year…how dull my thinking has become. Here is my chance not only to get rid of something that has numbed me but to embrace something new and creative.


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