Last night we had our first spring storm roll through. It woke me up around 4am. In spite of having a thunderstorm app on my iPhone, (that I often use to fall asleep) this morning I laid there irritated because it was the sound of the storm that kept sleep at bay. In my fogginess and frustration I remembered something that I wrote last summer. I tracked down the quote after all the cobwebs were clear.

“I love thunderstorms. I love to sit on a porch or under an awning and watch the lightning flash, hear the thunder boom, and feel the spray of the downpour on my bare feet. There’s something about being so close to the dangerous power of the storm and yet feel so safe…so protected. Vulnerable but secure. Hidden but exposed. Confident but afraid. Risking but sure.”

Thunderstorms are like love…a swirling mix of power, danger, energy, uncertainty, excitement, and calm. Neither storms nor love can be experienced fully from a safe distance. Both can be messy and exhilarating. Both can be frustrating. Both can bring comfort. Both can sometimes make you feel silly, small, and scared.


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