“I would rather light a candle in the darkness than hang another chandelier in the fellowship hall.” Roland Vaughan

I saw this on Twitter the other day. It was posted by someone I follow. I’m not sure who this Vaughan fellow is, but I love the quote. I’ve read it over and over trying to understand why this brief statement resonates with me so. I hope there’s more to it than it’s appeal to the non-conformist streak that runs through me.

The more I ponder, I think it’s because it crystalizes what seems to be so prevalent in the American Church these days. We put so much time, money, and effort into serving, spending, and coddling the already convinced that we don’t have anything left for those who feel distant from God. Then we stand around admiring the fixtures we’ve hung only stepping back far enough to find room for another one.

You need to know I love the church. I am a product of the church. I wouldn’t be who I am without God working through people who love Him. I think that is the source of my frustration. We can do better. It is much simpler than we’ve made it.

Let’s try this: Make a friend. Be a friend. Share your life and the Christ who dwells in you.

The image of a plain white candle in the hand of an ordinary person illuminating the darkness captures our mission and expresses my heart. I have no interest spending my remaining days hanging more chandeliers. Thank you Mr. Vaughan for the word picture.

Hand me a match.